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Bolt from the Blue
CD: 45´ 57´´
12,00 Euro
Andy Reed and Round the Corner
Vocals, Button Accordion, Harp, Cittern, E-Guitar, E-Bass, Schlagzeug, Percussion
Please see the Demo page for many of the songs and tunes.

Doodle let me go!
CD: 44´ 56´´
10,00 Euro
Andy Reed and Tommy Kraus
Vocals, Button Accordion, Harp, Guitar, Violins(acoustic and electric),
Mandolin, E-Bass, Whistle, Keyboard
• My love she’s but a lassie yet/Athol highlanders
Scottish tunes
• Drill ye tarriers, drill!
English song
• Loch Lomond
Scottish song
• Ryebuck Shearer
Australian song
• Set of stunning polkas
• A-begging
English song
• Jug of Punch
Irish song
• Step it out, Mary!
Irish song
• Doodle let me go!
English shanty
• Rickett’s hornpipe/Speed the plough/Merrily kissed the quaker
Tunes: English hornpipe/English polka/Irish slide
• High Germany
English song
• Come landlord fill the flowing bowl
English song
• The bonny ship "The Diamond”
English song


Fun 1 - Singing Picture Story Book with CD
20,00 Euro
ISBN 3-86500-003-7 (Hardback)
96pp full colour
CD: 55` 45´´

Fun 1 - Reading book
ISBN 3-86500-002-9 (Hardback)
64pp full colour

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