translated from the original German
(except UK Pavillion)

...a genuine solo Entertainer, who casts a spell over his audience with his masterly presentation and musical versatility.

Weser Kurier

Andy Reed’s ‘Round the Corner’ is the life and soul of every party. Suddenly young and old are singing and dancing together as the attraction, which radiates from this group, can simply not be resisted by anyone.

Junge Europäer Kreisverband Hameln-Pyrmont

Imaginative, quick-witted and with a powerful eloquence and charm he commented in his own inimitable english manner... ...through his choice of words, facial expressions, gestures and props, he also gave a great time to the 40 of the 80 present whose English is not so good.

Folkcamps Germany e.V

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to the Queen Mother’s Birthday celebrations. It was clear that the crowd outside enjoyed your music and dance, and the children’s party inside the Pavillion was also a resounding success. The day would not have been the same without your enthusiastic involvement.

UK Pavillion, EXPO 2000

He sang a serious song, suddenly got hold of a shopping-bag and did a parody of a sales pitch, followed by another song. Then he quickly got the audience to practice an action song in English. Once everyone had learned the item it developed into Pantomime.

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

mind-blowing music and wonderful songs

Folklore und Mitmachen

He has a short funny story for every song.

Braunschweiger Zeitung

Great atmosphere with Andy Reed’s Folk & Fun

The youngest participants at the "British Folk Festival" had great fun with the dancing and were just as enthusiastic about the circles, longways and squares as their parents and the other adult… Andy Reed is an expert on the easy-to-learn, english traditional party ice-breakers and everyone danced with gusto and high spirits. The laughing muscles were also well exercised… After each set of two dances there was a short breather during which Andy showed his versatility with English and Irish sing-a-long songs.

Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung

A really special Entertainer

Gifhorner Rundblick

Andy Reed is a Folk Musician through and through.

MagaScene, Hannover