Translation of an article from the Weser Kurier
(Bremen Newspaper)

First Experience in English

English Song, Dance and Action
at Schaumberger School Centre

Photograph with caption:

"Listen, Look, Think!" explained Andy Reed
to the pupils of the School Centre and he
had their full attention straightaway .

"That was cool! Can we also take part next time?" the pupils of Class 5e in the Schaumburger School Centre, Bremen, still hot and laughing after they had taken part in 45 minutes "English Song, Dance and Action" with Andy Reed from Hannover. Everything was in English and that only a few weeks after starting English lessons.

But the "professional entertainer and musician", as Andy describes himself, had given them a good tip "Look, listen, think!" And the pupils generally took his advice, just as the other classes 5a, 6b, 6d and 7r had done in their sessions with Andy and his madcap songs and dances. And Andy is strict when it comes to disturbances or anyone speaking German. Jackets ("It’s not raining here."), chewing gum and pushing ("This is a dance not a football match.") are simply not allowed, but otherwise anything that matches the song or dance: jumping up, sitting down, forced smiling, waggling the bottom, leg waving, pretending to be a rabbit, noiseless singing and proper singing (naturally in English), pulling faces, hopping, yelling for help, dancing in a circle, shouting "Bang!" - and all can take part, as they have understood what the Englishman with his irresistible energy has said and shown. It is actually sometimes rather difficult as the youngsters are laughing so much.

At the end each pupil received a certificate which looks very impressive, although it is filled with fun and nonsense. But Class 6d will look after it carefully. Rada and Flora (two girls) think that their small contribution for taking part was well worth it and left saying in their best English, "You were very good. Bye, bye Andy!"