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  • 30 spoken words per minute for each and every child during lesson time are easy to achieve.
  • During the first year every child intensively experiences a vocabulary of more than 1300 words in context.*
  • The learning and content goals for the whole of the German primary school can be covered in under one school year.*
  • After one year many children are already able to communicate freely.*

Conventional courses come nowhere near these results.

* Based on the German provision of 2 x 45 minute lessons per week for 38 weeks and allowing for 10% loss due to changes to the timetable

For Teachers

“Blanket English: Learning everything and anything” easily eclipses conventional goal-orientated learning progress. (English)

This paper first appeared in
Fortschritte im Frühen Fremdsprachenlernen – Ausgewählte Tagungsbeiträge, Eichstatt 2011
Editors: H. Böttger, N. Schlüter, Domino Verlag
ISBN 978-3-926123-14-5

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