Absolutely Dancing

The English Way

Longways, Mixer, Square and various circle formations

  • Andy Reed, Caller, Entertainer, Musician, Teacher recommends English Dances for:

    Events and Parties

    e.g. Birthdays, Weddings, Clubs, School, Family. Click-on British Entertainment

    Kindergarten and Primary Sector

    In mother tongue for Rhythm and Music Education. They are also ideal for showing to parents.


    To support early English Learning
    see also Absolutely English
    The spoken word is always accompanied by the corresponding actions and dance figures so that understanding is guaranteed. All children successfully take part and enjoy their own language learning process.


    • The dances are terrific, a lot of fun to dance and appeal to all age groups.
    • The music immediately gets the feet tapping.
    • They are easy to learn and are danced with zest.
    • Walk, hop, gallop or trot along as it takes your fancy – there are no steps to learn.

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    British Entertainment

Booklet and Audio-CD available

Absolutely Dancing The English Way

Booklet: A4, 15 pages
English and German

With Audio-CD: 50 min. 06 sec.

Seventeen Dances suitable for Kindergarten and Primary school children – many also suitable for adults.

Booklet contents
in English with German alongside

  • Important Dance terms – Formations & figures
  • Music explained
  • Dance descriptions
  • Dance summary


  • Eight dance tracks
  • Same eight dance tracks with noises to help with the music appreciation and calling.

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